Beauty who became the “first lady” of various countries. Photo


They look great.

Open a little the curtain on family life of politicians, and we will see the most beautiful first lady of the world.
Angélica Rivera

Talented actress and successful model angélica Rivera became famous long before became the first lady of Mexico.

Rania Al-Abdullah

For the beautiful wife of king of Jordan Abdullah II in a world entrenched unofficial title of “Queen of style”.

Jetsun PEMA

Unusual Jetsun when she just turned 21, became the wife of king of Bhutan Jigme of Chesara.

Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano

Her Royal Highness Laetitia (Leticia) educated as a journalist and worked on the popular Spanish TV channels.

ASMA al-Assad

“Desert rose”, the wife of Syrian President ASMA al-Assad is one of the most elegant and gorgeous escorts of the leaders.

Lalla Salma

The most beautiful Princess, Lalla Salma wife of Morocco’s king Mohammed VI.

Sylvia Bongo Ondimba

In 1989, Sylvia and Minister for foreign Affairs of Gabon, were married. Twenty years later her husband becomes President, and elegant woman, the first lady of this African country.

Mehriban Aliyeva

His political success and career growth, the President of Azerbaijan largely because of the beautiful wife Mehriban.

Akie Abe

The wife of the Japanese Prime Minister Akie Abe in addition to household chores and performs a lot of community work.

Peng Liyuan

First lady of China Peng Liyuan as the epitome of Eastern beauty, rigor and elegance.

Melania Trump

During the presidential race in the United States, Melania became one of the most popular wives of politicians.


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