Beautician told how to care for your skin in the spring


Need hydration.

In early spring, most women have signs of dehydration, which she seems pulled, reports the with reference on Voice.

This was told by the cosmetician Tatyana Fast.

The past winter “spoiled” us rapid changes in temperature, precipitation and winds, which, of course, could not affect the condition of skin and hair.

Most of all in winter, our skin suffers because it is constantly experiencing changes in temperature, hence the redness, inflammation and dryness, and winter wind leads to flaking and dullness, says beautician.

“In the spring the majority of women present signs of dehydration (dehydration) of the skin, which is accompanied by tingling, tightness, popping inflammation. It is fraught with the fact that on dry skin clearly visible wrinkles, plus the lack of moisture leads to their rapid emergence. The same happens with our body — where the situation can be more deplorable, because of warm winter clothing not only gives the skin to breathe, but calling the constant friction, because of which the skin loses moisture, starts to peel off. It is important to focus on the fact that when the skin dried, suffers from all the human health! The body violated the electrolytic reaction that affects the internal organs,” — said the expert.

The first rule of skin care early spring moisture. To pick up the cream better type of your skin, although you can always take universal, “for all skin types”. Moreover, according to the specialist, the quality and effectiveness of cosmetic products is not always depends on its price.


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