“Be you strong, like a bulldozer”


"Будь силён ты, как бульдозёр"

Yesterday, when in a network there was video with a dancer, everyone was wondering it’s fake, specially filmed a funny or installation. But it was more prosaic: the video now.

The catch is that the stripper danced in front sitting on a chair middle-aged guy in an ordinary post-Soviet apartment with all her entourage. There all perfectly: furniture Soviet times, old TV, children’s toys with the carpet on the floor. And most importantly: comments watching the strip “first series” of children, removing the events on phone a woman in years and his half naked father lying on the sofa.

It turned out that the dance has booked the sister of the protagonist of the video, and then posted it in the VC. The record began to spread through various channels and social networks with ironic or insulting comments.


"Будь силён ты, как бульдозёр"


Dancing itself admitted that the General was not aware of what is happening: that neither customers nor the environment in which it will have to work, she didn’t know. The girl ordered the dance in a police uniform, because the birthday boy is studying to be a lawyer: “I always warn customers about the fact that my show is for people over 18. And the parents decide to remove children or not. Such, however, in my experience, for the first time. I’m an invited artist, and these people I don’t know.”

I don’t even know who’s the bigger idiot. Apparently, the whole family is invited along. To be honest, I thought that this is only possible in a bad Russian movie.



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