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Original Christmas decorations that you can do with your hands. Photo

Need a light bulb, talent and imagination.David Irwin collects burned-out light bulbs and hand-paints them, and get a one of a kind Christmas decorations. Before you pictures of the Christmas lights in a vintage classic style that can adorn any Christmas green beauty.

GearBest offer ASUS smartphone Zenfone 4 Max Plus discounted

ASUS and the online shop GearBest offer smartphone Zenfone 4 Max Plus in a classic design. There is no monopoly, cut the screen and other modern trends is only accurate performance and stylish appearance. ASUS Zenfone 4 Max Plus can be enjoyed at GearBest...

Doctors suggested can high blood pressure drink cocoa

The use of cocoa for people with hypertension may be no less useful drugs.Cocoa reduces high blood pressure, improves the condition of blood vessels, helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, reduces feelings of anxiety. The main thing – to drink without sugar.In cocoa...