Banks have found a new reason for blocking the accounts of Russians


Банки нашли новую причину для блокировки счетов россиян

Customers of several Russian banks have faced with the next wave blocking of personal accounts, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the newspaper, the banks began to demand from customers information about the origin of the money to open new Deposit, as well as what was or will be spent these funds. If the client fails to provide necessary documents, credit organizations threaten to block your account or contributions.

Such actions by banks to justify “anti-money laundering law”. However, according to the law, be locked and checked can account only for suspicious transactions over 600 thousand roubles.

The list of documents required to unlock the account, is individual for each case. So, you may need contracts for the provision of services or the documents of donation. If the client does not agree with the actions of the Bank, he may appeal to a special Commission of representatives of the Central Bank and Federal financial monitoring service or to the court.

Banks from the top-30, interviewed by “Izvestia” confirmed that constantly monitor operations for compliance with legislation on money laundering and legalization of criminal incomes. Analysis occurs independently from the amount of money, said Alfa-Bank. VTB said that the monitoring process takes into account a number of factors, among them the total portfolio of the client, previous operations, history of interaction with the Bank, the profile of the company.

The experts noted that in the last few years cases of account management become widespread. The reason — lack of the requirements of the Federal financial monitoring service and the Central Bank that allow you to block all suspicious transactions without reasonable grounds. According to them, banks are afraid not to implement the recommendations of the regulatory authorities and sometimes approach this too hard — with the kinks.



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