Banks are allowed not to give the Russians the money from deposits


Банкам разрешили не выдавать россиянам деньги со вкладов

The Supreme court Collegium in civil cases took the side of the savings Bank in a dispute over refusing to give the money to the customer in cash after the end of the term. About it reports “Kommersant”.

The reason for the refusal is the suspicion of the Bank that the depositor is trying to legalize income. In 2015 to the account of a client of Sberbank received 56 million rubles, and he tried to cash them the next day. The credit institution has considered that the transaction is suspicious and requested documents that would confirm the origin of the money. After their study of the savings Bank decided to deny the right to redeem.

The owner of the money is then transferred them to the few open in the savings Bank term deposits, but at the end of their terms, the Bank once again refused to issue funds. As a result, the client went to court, demanding the return of not only the contributions with interest, but also to recover from the credit institution a penalty.

The courts of all instances were on the side of the savings Bank, noting that the client has not provided documentation refuting the dubious origin of the money, as well as being able to transfer to an account at another credit institution. In the Collegium of the Supreme court noted that the Bank is not obliged to give money in the form in which they are requested by the client, and can select cash or Bank transfer.

According to the respondents “Kommersant” experts, the precedent could lead to the fact that banks with liquidity shortage will be denied conscientious customers cash and to earn fees for transfers to accounts in other banks.


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