Bankers with the big Russian road: why their theft is no Council?


Банкиры с большой российской дороги: почему на их воровство управы нет?

Telegram-channel “Banksta” calculated how much the average citizen had to pay out of pocket for Bank games of oligarchs. This refers to the machinations of the shareholders of the Bank and the Opening of Mikhail Shishkhanov, Mikhail Gutseriev, Alexander Mamut, Vadim Belyaev, Alexander Nesika and Vagit Alekperov.

Initial findings make it easy. As you know, the Central Bank has allocated for the recapitalization of the Bank and the Opening 513 billion and plans to allocate another 1.1 trillion on the “bad debts” of these banks.

It’s very simple: if these numbers add up and then divide by the number of people in Russia, it turns out that each Rossiniana will be 11 thousand rubles, and it is even given to infants.

However, and this huge amount is still not final. Just imagine, this one and a half times more than the annual cost of the country’s education system and medicine!

In any other country it probably would have led to massive litigation, many involved in this criminal Scam person most likely would have been behind bars. But in the Russian Federation, inconceivably favorable to its voracious oligarchs – they’re like water off a duck.

The Central Bank covers the Bank robbery and not even think to address this issue in law enforcement agencies. Until appropriate brasenia received only from the State Duma.

The Central Bank is not willing to inflate the topic and attempts to replace the concept, calling the stolen funds (1.1 billion rubles), and from the Opening of the Bank “bad debt”. Well, that is if the wallet bad lay – a thief is exempt from punishment!

The shareholders of these banks escaped with only slight shock. No one has escaped abroad, they continue to behave aggressively. For example, the Opening shareholders decided not to return the debt at all, and he gave the Central Bank inflated estimates that approximately 30-40% of the old vegetable warehouse and stalls supposedly worth 70 billion rubles.

Top managers of the banks, as always, also managed to avoid punishment. For example, he appointed Central Bank head of the Board of Directors of the Bank, and the head of the Bank, Ruben Aganbegyan became top-Manager of “Vnesheconombank”, where the cumulative part of the pension many citizens of the Russian Federation.


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