Bank record: in the Vologda region a sharp increase in mortgage loans


Банковский рекорд: в Вологодской области резкий рост ипотечных кредитов

Their total sum amounted to 21,5 billion rubles.

The volume of the received loans, in comparison even with the 2017 year increased by 36.8% or UAH 5.8 billion rubles, and their number is almost a quarter or 3 thousand. As a result, the volume of outstanding mortgage loans on 1 January 2019 to 47.6 billion roubles. In 2018 the mortgage loan portfolio increased by 11.7 per cent, specified in the Vologda branch of the North-Western main branch of the Bank of Russia. The weighted average interest rate on mortgage loans in 2018 was of 9.54%, which is 1.1 PPT less than in 2017.

“If the borrower’s income dropped significantly, it will be able, after informing the Bank where took the credit, take the so-called “mortgage holidays” – to suspend payments for a few months, but not more than a year. However, no penalties or fines will not be charged. Will simply increase the repayment period of the mortgage”, – said the Deputy head of the Department in the Vologda region North-Western main branch of the Central Bank Vadim Sith.

We must remember that the active growth of mortgage lending was noted in the whole country in 2018 were issued 1.5 million credits on 3 trillion roubles, which is by 49% more than in 2017. Mortgage loan portfolio of Russian banks in 2018 by 23.9% – up to 6.4 trillion rubles.

The Bank of Russia drafted a billthat enshrines in law the right of borrowers to restructure the loan by reducing their permanent income. “Mortgage holidays” will be able to count those who are in difficult life situation, reports IA “SeverInform”.


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