Bank of the Russian Orthodox Church reported no problems with money


Банк РПЦ сообщил об отсутствии проблем с деньгами

The Bank “Peresvet” shareholder is the Russian Orthodox Church has no problems with liquidity, restrictions on the cash will soon be removed. On Tuesday, October 18, said “the” the press service of the credit institution.

“In connection with the appearance of false information in the media and in high demand from customers, the Bank introduced temporary restrictions on the issuance of cash, but the Bank has no liquidity problems”, — said the representative of the Bank.

Earlier, on 18 October it was reported that the Bank “Peresvet” has restricted the issuance of Deposit amount up to 100 thousand rubles.

5 Oct media, citing data from Fitch rating Agency reported that large borrowers “Peresvet” “have some signs of affiliation with each other or with the shareholders or management of the Bank.” In addition, it was noted that of the loans of 17 billion rubles and 12 billion accounts for high-risk loans. That is, structures that have received money, have no real assets, and “Peresvet” is their only creditor, Fitch said.

Agency Standard & Poor’s, in turn, pointed out that this is the business model financial institutions — it attracts corporate customers and wealthy thanks to the connections of shareholders. “We believe that a business model based on maintaining a sustainable business relationship with customers is the strength of the Bank,” said S&P.

In an interview with “” the Vice-President of the Bank “Peresvet” Nadezhda Gromova said that the rating Agency Fitch “clearly unfair”. According to her, Fitch used the old data, including for 2011-2012.

Bank “Peresvet” occupies 41st place in the Russian banking system by assets. More than 49 percent of the shares belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, another 24 percent the chamber of Commerce.


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