Bank GOP-stop in the law?


Банковский гоп-стоп в законе?

After the Central Bank took over the healing and cleansing of the banking sector from fraud, without a license were hundreds of large and small banks.

Despite the fact that the campaign is presented under sauce of strengthening the confidence of depositors in the banking system afloat and must remain only the most reliable banks in which the money of the citizens are protected, confidence in the banking system among Russians is becoming less.


Even if you are a depositor of the Bank included in the top 20, not the fact that tomorrow you don’t have foaming at the mouth to prove that the money put for safekeeping in a Bank and suddenly decided to remove them, earned by honest means.

Today, more and more Bank employees demand the documents confirming the legal origin of the funds, and explain for what purpose need to withdraw money from the account. Even if you provide all documents and answer all the questions, it is doubtful that you’ll get your money quickly, there will delay the delivery of funds. But they can just not issue.

– This is some nonsense! – outraged the client Sberbank Marina Rogozhina. – I have failed for the second transaction for the purchase of the apartment, which our family had been saving for 15 years. While I was explaining to managers why I need the money, collected documents, took two. Who do I reimburse? Why talk to me like I’m a criminal?

Why bankers often act like police interrogators? Recently the country was rocked by the story of the depositor, which Sberbank refused to issue 56 million rubles. Male long pleaded, tried to prove the legal origin of the money, but to no avail. The Supreme court sided with the Bank, the client money is not returned.

The decision of the chief court effectively gave carte Blanche to all banks of Russia officially do not give money to depositors, if there is any doubt in the purity of their origin.

– When people bring money in the Bank, there do not ask where the money is. But when they come to pick them up, once there are questions. It is a mockery of the rights of citizens – outraged Director of the Institute of globalization problems, the economist Mikhail Delyagin.

Surprisingly, even if man will be able to withdraw their money, not the fact that after some time, his home will come bailiffs and will not require these funds back. If you refuse to return what was removed from the account in the period when the Bank was five minutes away from bankruptcy, and will not fulfill the requirement of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) to return the shot and probably already spent, your property to be auctioned. That’s the law.


Earlier this year, the DIA – state structure, which is obliged to protect the rights of investors, famously began to file lawsuits against citizens who had to withdraw their money from deposits before banks in which they kept the money, lost his license.

Hundreds of people turned out to be… debtors and the courts were obliged to return this money. According to the Agency, investors were in collusion with the managers of the banks, have used their insider information about the upcoming closure of the Bank, managed to take their money “not yet started” and now the rest of the depositors have nothing to pay them the sum insured.

It affected hundreds. Often it is the poor citizens who take up the latter. A large family from the city in November 2016 were planning to buy an apartment, and the head of the family was removed from your account at Tatfondbank 2.5 million rubles. About a month later the Bank withdrew the license. Even after a year, the DIA was required the man to return 2.5 million on the grounds that the investor allegedly knew about the impending bankruptcy. Protect in court the father of a large family should not wait – it’s on the side of the law, and that protects the interests of the DIA.

Our judicial system has long relied on the expertise of a large parastatal structures and always agrees with the reasoning part of their submission of claims. One positive decision, and the courts have stamped the decision as a blueprint.

– The decisions of the courts on claims of ASV go beyond common sense and are deprived of basic human rights – the presumption of innocence, – the lawyer of the financial and banking disputes Alexander Treshchev. Mass, one size fits all, the satisfaction of the DIA – shameless violation of the right to dispose of his property!

Indeed, as ASV takes money from citizens on the basis of their assumptions and guesses, nothing, in fact, no different from confiscation by the Bolsheviks a hundred years ago, of private property on the basis of “revolutionary consciousness”.

Ausberry chaos, rumors of which spread throughout Russia, has led to an Exodus of depositors. Only in January 2018, retail accounts leaked 453 billion rubles – three times more than the same indicator of 2017.


A number of experts drew attention to an interesting fact – the Central Bank and the Deposit insurance Agency is run by the same officials. For example, the entire Board of Directors of ASV – the owners of the Central Bank, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASV – none other than the Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

According to the Deputy of the state Duma, member of state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Yevgeny Fyodorov, “when half of the banks deprived of licenses, it is not a question of dominance of crooks in the banks is the exchange rate of the Central Bank, there needs to be verification of law enforcement”. But the main Bank of the country a special, untouchable status. Neither deputies nor law enforcement agencies have no right to control it.

In 2011, the Central Bank revoked the licenses of 18 banks. In 2013 the number doubled. In 2014, the sector lost 86 credit institutions in 2015 – 93, in 2016-m – 97, in 2017-m – 51. Since the beginning of 2018, the Bank of Russia stopped the activities of another 10 players.

During the campaign for cleaning of the banking system the Central Bank “took” almost four hundred participants of the most important sector of the economy. And contributions (interest on deposits), among others, formed the reserves of the Deposit insurance Agency, which is obliged to pay the insurance for the customers of failed banks for 1.4 million rubles each.

Maybe because DIA is so zealously turns the pockets of investors that he needed to close the debt on the insured deposits? Before he had the money – banks do not fall in such numbers. And now the pocket is empty ASV. Why extreme turned out to be law-abiding Russians?

And then, unless the Supervisory authority in the face of the CBR is not aware that a couple of weeks before the official announcement of the revocation of the license of a credit institution to stuff large amounts to other banks? Why this activity is not suppressed?

Why the Central Bank, in principle, always performed the function of overseer of the controlled institutions, does not show activity when there are displayed the first billion?

Why debriefing is carried out when the ticket is empty, hundreds of billions withdrawn, the owners on the run, customers to tears?

Why revocation of the license and the bankruptcy of the next Bank citizens know at the time of publication about it in the media, not when his position, in the opinion of the Central Bank, has become questionable?


The state should establish equal rules for all citizens. If the Bank are going to revoke the license – it is necessary to inform investors, otherwise, according to Mikhail Delyagin, sooner or later the time will come when people will start to bury his money in his garden.

On the eve of presidential elections, the situation in the banking sector looks especially unflattering. So, the power cuts off the branch on which it sits. In the last days of February because of the scandal raised by the community, the DIA said it will withdraw the lawsuits in more than half of the depositors. And if there was no noise, it further was a nightmare would be poor people?

– The law should be changed, – says the financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev, – that in such a situation are punished in the first place Bank employee, and then the depositor. After all, an employee of the Bank gives the depositor the money, knowing that the Bank is no longer able to fulfil their obligations. If adopted such an amendment to the law, banks would be discourage to make unjust trades.

Today it was time again to keep the money between pages of a book. The volume of Chekhov’s Central Bank a license is not exactly recall…


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