Bananas will rise due to global warming


Due to global warming caused by climate change, the world will grow bananas, writes Bloomberg.

Next week the European economic Association (EEA) will hear a report by Annalisa Marini from Exeter University. If heat and drought hurt the fruit crops in the major exporting countries, prices for them will grow in emerging economies. According to the study, if a country exporting bananas will face the harbingers of an impending global warming and will lose part of their harvest, the price will jump them from other manufacturers.

Climate change will impact significantly on developing countries. Their income depends on export of agricultural products. They no longer felt the heat and drought than the advanced economies. An academic from Exeter University sees the effects of global warming in a “significant growth” in prices for agricultural products.

The scenario of global warming author of the rise of commodity prices likely. Therefore, it is necessary to strive to create sustainable food systems.

While an academic from Exeter University talks about the influence of weather on the price of bananas in Latin America are experiencing due to “Panama disease”. As passed earlier, “КазахЗерно.kz” for her bananas in General can completely disappear from the shelves in supermarkets.


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