Corroded by rust “loaf”, jumping from side to side, stubbornly crept forward on the bumpy forest road. Breaking filled the valley, blowing steam like an old locomotive, our SUV jumped on the field and confidently raced on.

Left and right stretched overgrown by young birches field — grouse Kingdom! As if to confirm my thoughts, the wheels came off two cock and circled the field, picturesquely perched on the top of a birch, anxiously looking in our direction.

— All, stream not going. — confidently said Sergei, suppresses the engine.
— You’re the boss, you know better! — I agreed.
— Go along the path, after three hundred metres you will see the tower. And now we’ll have some tea, and in the fields! — untying the rucksack, muttering Serge.
I don’t want! And already a lot! To have to sit for a long time!
— As you know. And I still eat! replied the hunter, rustling the bag with sandwiches.
Bon appetite! — I wished to friend, loading the carabiner.
— No fluff! he replied, waving his hand clamped in a sandwich.

Wearing a backpack and throwing the rifle on the shoulder, I hurried along the trail to osanobu field. One of the young pines growing close to the path was surfaced white bearded stag, languishing with desire during the rut. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear today, his amorous sighs. The North wind blowing in the face, it gives hope for a successful hunt.

Time — 18.10. Here, the distance seemed neat, low tower. Go, stepping quietly, trying to make the least possible noise. Suddenly oecause on the move, involuntarily frozen in place. On a yellow background oat field, near the right edge, a large dark spot. Gradually squat, sinking to his knees. Put next to a carbine and gently removed the backpack from his shoulders. Pull out the binoculars and slowly bring to the eyes. So is the bear! And rather big! Misha sat with his back to me and enjoyed the oats. It was clear he paw seized oat panicles attracted, hungrily sucking. Click on the built-in binocular range finder to determine the distance to the beast. Red numbers was highlighted — 198 meters. We gotta get closer. Suddenly the bear turned his head, stood on his hind legs and looked around. Making sure that nothing threatens, sat down again in the oats and began to eat.

Slowly moving forward on the path to a couple of dozen steps. Clinging to the eyepiece of the binoculars, watching the behavior of the bear. The beast, not feeling the danger, continued to feed, tasty champing. Quiet, goose-step reduce the distance by another half a dozen meters. The meter shows 140 meters. You can shoot, but with his hands securely get deadly place very difficult! Prevents tall grass. Decide to get to the tower and try to use the ladder as a support for the rifle. Doing a dozen steps and sat down on his knees, watching the behavior of the bear. Like felt my opinion, the bear turned a massive head in my direction and was staring at me with his little black eyes. I sat motionless on my lap, intently watching the action, sensing the danger of the beast. Suddenly in a split second sitting bear was on its hind legs stretched out at full length! Hardened beast had a few seconds to assess the situation and take off into the woods with the speed of an Express train! It’s a shame… But nothing can be done — hunting! This time the beast was smarter and more careful with me.

Taking the backpack, quietly climb to the tower and waits in anticipation. The wind blows flushed with excitement face. Before my eyes still stands the image of ash-grey bear standing at full height looking down at me.

“The hunt is not over!” — whisper under his breath, looking through binoculars in forest adjacent to osanobu field. Promera rangefinder distance from all points where there may be animal. The great circle distance of 128 meters. Slowly put the binoculars on the bench beside him and waits in anticipation. Gold plated leaves standing at the edge of the field noisy aspens rustled in the wind, creating a sense of presence of the beast. With every gust of wind I with a sinking heart listened to the sounds of the forest, trying to recognize the approaching bear. But, as always happens, the bear appeared, silently, unexpectedly, like a Ghost! Just grew from the ground to the left, standing on his hind legs! It was another bear, much lighter than the first, reddish-brown, with white sides. Clinging to binoculars, visiting standing bear and notice how close the bear rises! Clearly, the nurse came!

Then one after another got up from oats two little Bruins.
“You have a mother-heroine!” — involuntarily burst from my chest admiring whisper.

Caring mother, after seeing the oatmeal box with the height of its growth, listening and sniffing around, dropped to four legs and walked slowly along the edge of the field. The band of the bear cubs has POSELENIE following the nurse. Finally, she sat down in a fluffy oats, began to rake his clawed paw, pulling her towards its open mouth and flowing panicles between the teeth. Feed the cubs were not seen because of their small stature, only occasionally from oats rose here and there the small the ear or part of the head. Feed the bear constantly up viewing of their children and the environment. The rangefinder shown that up to dipper 108 meters. Lying in the backpack, the camera would be great right now! But imagine that you need to undo the case to change the lens without making any sound, I abandoned the idea. Everything had to be done in advance, and now late to drink Borjomi!

So in silent contemplation forty minutes. Suddenly the bear stood up, alarmed listening to the depths of the forest. Behind her, as if on command, stood with all three columns bear. It was clear that animals can smell and hear things I haven’t heard! Now and to my ears came the approaching crackling of broken branches! From the forest came a loud unhappy sound — “p-Fook”, repeated several times. Apparently, the field has welcomed a large cleaver was talking about Sergei. Boar, unhappy that the box is busy trying to get rid of parasites-competitors. The bear, fearing for the cubs, left the field to the woods.

“Big bill — too well! — whispered to himself, rubbing his hands. — Here it is!” — sweeps in my head, noticing a hump in the grass on the left edge of the field.
Slowly bring the binoculars to his eyes and see someone I bear. It turns out that she walked the field and came out on the opposite side. Standing again, he sniffs and inspects the oats. Hesitantly crease in place, but still decided and goes to the field with his brood. Another hour feeding the bear family, while the mother jumped up again, warily listening, turning his face to the left of me. Anything suspicious did not hear! But because the bear confidently took the bears from the field, realized that there came another bear! Continuously look at the spot at which the bear looked around, trying to catch the slightest movement of an approaching animal.

Finally, on a light background of withered grass appeared dark body quietly moving predator. I look at the clock at 19.30. Five or ten minutes, and it got dark.
Still seen, inspecting the bear in the binoculars and measure the distance. The rangefinder shows a distance of 90 meters. Bear, located on the border of grass and oats, deep breath through his nostrils, trying to catch the odors, but not sensing the danger, came to the edge of the field and began to feed. Watching him until the evening twilight did not hide of the beast. Gently raise the rifle, with sight, continue to watch for feeding bears. Furry gourmand lay down, bend under him the oats, and, like a Roman nobleman, sweet munching, ate.

Forty minutes I watched for bear, until he came on rolled the patch, substituting the shoulder for the shot. A roar broke the evening silence. The bullet left the barrel, stung the bear behind the shoulder, forcing him to variety and crash down into the oats. Not looking up, look through the eyepiece of the sight. The bear raised up, then the donkey, snarling and panting. Quick reload and second shot to finish his suffering. Wait ten minutes, put on a headlamp and go to lay bear. Here it stands a dark mountain, bright oats. Ears are not pressed well! Push the barrel to the side, no reaction.
You can relax — hunting took place!


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