Aviasales ranked the most dangerous countries for tourists


Tourists should be afraid of homeless people, drug addicts and crime.

The experts at travel search engine, Aviasales has made a rating of most dangerous countries for tourists. Were top of the list, Brazil, from trips which warn travelers the most.

After a thorough analysis of threats in the country, experts have found that tourists are afraid of “crime, favelas, homeless people and drug addicts”. In addition, the danger of viral fever, dam and social protests.

The second position was taken by Turkey, where Russian-speaking tourists complain about the theft in hotels, as well as to the dangers of hitchhiking.

The third position is India, where the quality of air and water. There were reports that one of the tourists got sick with an infectious disease, drinking water from a bottle. Later it turned out that she was from the tap.

Unsafe tourists call Indonesia due to frequent disasters and numerous thefts. And closes the TOP 5 of France, where travelers are afraid of protests and unrest.


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