Autumn holidays


In late autumn it seems that all reservoirs are alike. Lonely, almost bare trees, withered grass, low cloud, morning frost… But in water life does not stop.

Don snags

Gloomy predictions about the brown water on the don did not materialize. It was getting dark, but suddenly stopped. Again became transparent than the fishermen did. Someone rushed into the upper reaches of the Tsimlyansk reservoir, where pike-perch in November, slipping from the rivers in large numbers; someone caught him in the river with the boat. Once upon a time I made plans to pass on the right Bank of the don from the ferry to the village Trehostrovskaya to the place in front of the farm Vertyachiy.

A companion for this adventure for a long time did not have to search, and here we left the car in front of a dry lake, fishing took belongings, food, wear boots, passed a dried-up lake, woods, reeds and coastal windbreak to find yourself in the same place, behind the island, opposite the tourist bases in Vitachem. Paths conditional on the Peninsula – only animal. According to him, the fact that we have prolamyvayas through walls of reeds. On the shore, well, just charming snags! Smooth trunks go into the water below which forms over the sastrugi and the return. What else Zander is necessary? But the current made it impossible to catch on “Cheburashka” and “bullets” 25-30, Igor quickly switched to fishing for asps and now a second let loose. To put the fish to cook and torture her until the evening for some reason did not like this Sunny day, and the ASP was not large. Igor says it was a shock, he felt a solid fish, but the hooks Bouncing off only small gererate.

At that time we could not boast of a good catch, however, was not put before itself such purpose. Personally, I once dreamed to catch in this place from the shore and dream realized. I passed the whole shore, by which so much was swimming with someone on the boat. But the miracle did not happen. If you compare the water level at least three years ago and the present – at once all becomes clear. Too small in the groove where the pike was caught a few years ago. One pike, two perch and six will gereat were all released ago. Not for them, I came thoroughly prepared to fishing in the deep snags.

Oliva Volga island

As often happens, the place where was recently caught trophy beckons again and again. Yahzee on Wobbler, and a heavy pike to catch, frankly, fed up. I enjoyed the last Indian summer days, and on the other hand, was waiting for when it is colder, with a head dive into the maelstrom “premnogo jig”. All summer I was distracted on the ASP, IDE, Chub… But then came the day when I took on the Volga a jig stick, a solid handful of heavy bullets and cheburashek favorite poranki-nezatseplyayki.

Search fish itself was simple. Oliva big island Skrynnikov (which is between the Stone ravine and Stupino), looking for convenient places in order to become attached to overhanging the water or sticking out of the trees and try to catch on a jig. Of course, this requires uncoupled bait. Knowing that pike are just “the shaft”, I pre-assembled the heavy bullets with a guitar string No. 2. To be “enduring” structure I cling foam fish, which hooks well joined to the foam. Of course, this bait are and no bite, but am I to go fishing not only for fish, but it is for such bold bites! Oh, and if the predator will have time to close the jaw, and I’m cutting won’t be late. Cargo bullet, I had two scales, 25 and 30 g. In conditions of weak currents I barely had a 30-gram bullet. I would spend hours looking for a drop bait to the bottom. Sometimes just not have waited. It turned out that for the extruded bait on the main stream, and it does not drown. But most of all, I threw to the shore, that is the most that neither is driftwood.

Heavy bullets is not easy to get. Little who produces them on an industrial scale. I took the easy way out. I usually use a bullet weighing 25-30 g for fishing on the don in zakoryazhennyh places. On the Volga these weights is not enough. I put the bullet right on the braided line above the “Cheburashka” with parolantoj. It turns out a kind of composite bait quite bearable lives in the snags. If the meeting with the pike – the inevitable, then mount the bullet on the string, which is, again, attached is what I need (Cheburashka with parolantoj or opsitnik with rubber). I easily achieve the desired weight. Because ANCOVA Cheburashka plus the bullet is already 56 g! However, we must not forget that such a design parasit on for respectively sinking will be longer.

Has exceeded its nezatseplyayki through another tree trunk or branch, expecting the bite. But in those moments, when you listen closely to the form of a spinning, trying to understand hung the bait on the next obstacle, or continues the rapprochement with the bottom, and the case of the daring fish to bite. Spinning sharply twitches, giving a hand like a shock, and then bent almost to the water. Combating perch is short-circuited. It is imperative not to let it in driftwood. You need to keep him where he dared to attack the bait, and try, until he came to bring “clean water”.

The day of the large perch I caught. A maximum of half a kilogram. But so much has already been dark, handsome and in snags – this is a memorable fishing.


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