Auto explained, what does a “torque” engine


Автоэксперты объяснили, на что влияет «крутящий момент» двигателяWhy you need this feature.

Car engines have several main characteristics: volume, capacity, number of cylinders.

Among them and torque, which not everyone pays attention to.

On what it influences and what is it anyway?

Simple language can be described as follows. If the owner of the car is familiar with the laws of physics, then he probably knows that torque is a derivative of the engine’s capacity to the size of the crankshaft. Therefore, the higher the capacity of the unit, the more the considered parameter.

If “horses” settings affect the speed of the vehicle, the torque determines its dynamics. Under it, in particular, it is intended to start after pressing on the gas pedal.

In addition, the high torque facilitates faster the car its maximum speed. In a modern urban setting all the resources of the engine can hardly be used.

However, a decent torque will help the car owners without problems to start with intersections.


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