Auto experts “Bang their heads” large crossover and the little citicar


Автоэксперты "столкнули лбами" большой кроссовер и маленький ситикарCitroen “flies” in the Audi Q7.

The governments of the European Union continue to impose new and more stringent safety standards car. These efforts are not in vain and allow you to save thousands of lives. As for automakers, they are more likely to respond positively to most of the new features and some of them even try to be one step ahead, such as Volvo, limiting the maximum speed of their new car up to 180 km/h.

A considerable contribution to road safety made groups like AGU Zurich, which bring together experts in the field of biomechanics, engineering, medicine and sports for research on various aspects of biomechanics of injuries.

In the last video AGU Zurich shows the consequences of a collision between a large SUV and a small city car: small Citroen C3 2014 release at full speed and flew off the back of heavy crossover Audi Q7 2006 release. Crash is fairly typical and common worldwide, especially in large cities, where the roads are very different types of vehicles.


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