Authorities in the Danish city defended pork dishes


Власти датского города отстояли свиные блюда

The Council of the Danish town of Randers has obliged state institutions, including schools, colleges and institutions, serve in canteens pork dishes. About it reports The Independent.

Voted for 16 people, “against” — 15. In the Council decision States that “Danish food culture should be at the heart of the menu — including the pork dishes that should be served along with dishes from other kinds of meat”.

The project has already criticized: one of the deputies who voted against him, the social liberal Mogens Nyholm, stated that the very phrase “Danish food culture” is absurd, and his party colleague, the former Minister of integration, Manu sarin, accused the MPs of Randers in that they attempt to ideologically affect children.

On the other hand, the conservatives, the Danish people’s party supported the Council’s decision, stating that migrants should not set his own rules and dictate to the Danish children that they need to eat.

In Denmark, now there is a fierce debate on whether the supply of pork in public institutions insult the customs and traditions of migrants who profess Islam in which the pig is considered unclean animals. This phenomenon is called “frikadellen war”.


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