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The largest search engine in the world will be engaged in unmanned transportation

Initially in the new taxi Park will be about two hundred machines.We already wrote about the intention of Volkswagen and Mobileye to launch in Israel next year, its own unmanned taxi. But Google did not wait for the start of the competition, and...

The doctors explained what’s wrong with the alarm on my smartphone

It is recommended to use a traditional alarm clock and not an app on your smartphone.Mass sending the email, the constant notifications from social networks or notify about the update of the phone firmware are the main factors that seem to not allow...

Berlin’s nightlife in the unusual pictures. Photo

After sunset in this town is more fun.Reister documentary with voyeuristic tendency, which, invariably, is the right time in the wrong place. Something intimate, sometimes obscene, personal or unrestrained fun takes place in his bedroom. This night in Berlin.Christian Reister (Christian Reister) began...