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Experts explained how to disable your iPhone at a distance

Useful information.One of the users of the social network Twitter told about the vulnerability in iOS and macOS that allows you to disable the gadget from Apple in the distance. According to him, the device will stop working if you try to open on...

The first “live” the flagship Xiaomi Mi 7

Top product, Chinese companies get a next-generation processor Snapdragon 845 and a display with a diagonal of 6 inches.In the network appeared the first "live" snapshot of the future flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7, whose presentation is expected at the Mobile World Congress 2018...

Scientists explained that threatens humanity this year

This need to know everyone.Extreme weather events - the most probable and the most serious threat to mankind in the year 2018. This is with reference to 2018 Global Risks Report (WEF) writes Futurism.According to a survey of 1,000 experts and world leaders of...