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Donald trump has acquired a new armored limousine

The car is still kept secret.The President of the United States Donald trump received a new armored limousine from the American brand Cadillac called "the Beast" (The Beast). However, the public debut will take place soon.The secret service of the United States, engaged in...

The most beautiful villages of Europe, according to TripAdvisor. Photo

Small, but cozy. The popular travel site named the best small European city, you should go to the tourists who love to relax from the urban bustle.If you like to relax from the urban bustle, these European cities you must see the publication States...

Scientists have found a planet suitable for colonization

To fly to her from the Ground for about a hundred years.Astronomers discovered in the constellation of Pisces cooling the planet-the orphan called CFBDSIR 2149-0403. About its existence, scientists have learned only in 2012, but already consider her to be suitable for settlement by...