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The paparazzi photographed Jason Statham with sweetheart

The pair went to a restaurant.Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, apparently, a very private Hollywood couple. They are together for eight years, but their joint outputs or photos in social networks can be counted on the fingers.The last time they shared photos from...

The Chevrolet Caprice was the original tuning

An unusual hybrid combines parts from 3 different cars.Increasingly car owners turn to experienced professionals in order to create a vehicle that no one else has.Seems the owner of the car has been fickle in their desires and couldn't decide what he wants...

These signs can indicate a lack of vitamins

Doctors have described the symptoms that should not be ignored.How to understand whether experienced our body with the shortage of the key vitamins? It turns out that the body is sending signals about it, and we only need them to read.One of the...