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China reports better-than-expected macroeconomic figures

The stock exchange meters in the Asian region showed a mixed picture on Monday. Investors processed a series of macroeconomic figures from China. Growth in the second largest economy in the world was higher than expected in the fourth quarter. Industrial production also increased...

Trump impeachment is unlikely act of revenge

Last night, in addition to all 222 Democrats in the House of Representatives, ten Republican members of the United States Congress turned against president Trump. Never before did a president get so many fellow party members against him in an impeachment vote. The big question...

Tom Enders joins Lilium board of directors in quest to present a miraculous electric air taxi

Former Airbus CEO Tom Enders joins the board of Directors of the German start-up Lilium. That company is targeting cleaner regional air transport with some kind of electric-powered flying taxis. Enders was at the helm of Airbus before seven years. He resigned from the...