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The doctors told me how Kale affects the pressure

8 foods that get rid of hypertension.Every third adult Ukrainian suffers from hypertension. Experts have called 8 of green vegetables that reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. Unfortunately, when a person develops hypertension, there is a steadily high blood pressure, the probability...

One of the models of Volkswagen have risen in price twice

The car was used in the filming of "need for speed"VW Jetta, which was used in the filming of "need for speed" in recent years has risen from 43 to 99 530 950 dollars.For the first time the car was sold at auction three...

“River plate” for the fourth time won the Copa Libertadores

Argentine "river plate" in a hot confrontation with the "Bokoy juniors" became the winner of the South American analogue of the Champions League.The first match between the two clubs from Buenos Aires took place a month ago and ended with a draw 2:2. Return...