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The innermost feelings of women in photographs of Ukrainian photographer. Photo

Work Irina Jul'.Photographer from Ukraine Irina Jul ' has a special gift: she is able to precisely and subtly convey the depth of human feelings. For the author it is important to create not only a beautiful picture, but also to invest in the...

In Ireland, found a strange ancient sanctuary

The facility was hidden underground.Under farmer's field in the valley of the Massacre in Ireland "stood out" ancient architectural design.The age of discovery is around five thousand years.The outlines of the huge constructions made of two rings, which long remained hidden under the earth,...

Hyundai introduced a new model Lafesta

Hyundai is preparing to bring to market a new model Lafesta, built on the basis of the current version of Elanta with a design from the concept. The car will appear on sale till the end of this year.The South Korean company has confirmed...