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Selena Gomez withdrew from social networks

The singer commented on the reasons for his action.Fans of the 26-year-old Selena Gomez sad singer said that he takes a break and time away from social networks because they have too much negativity. Share details.In one of his last interviews, Gomez has...

In the Norwegian Parliament was looking for listening devices

The wire could install Russian spies.The security of Norway raided the Parliament building of the country for the presence of listening devices after the Oslo airport on suspicion of espionage, was detained by the apparatus of the Russian Federation Council Mikhail Bochkarev participated...

Awakening geyser in the Yeloustouna concerned scientists

One of the local lakes start to boil.Warm lakes, which contain water turquoise are the face of the national Park. They are present in almost all the promotional images of Yellowstone.Recently on the territory intensified Congress lake Pool: it first dimmed, and then...