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The Japanese probe has made the most detailed images of the asteroid

The spacecraft will return to Earth two years later.The last images of the surface of the asteroid Ryugu obtained by the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 in six weeks, examination of this space object, impressed even seasoned astronomers and other space explorers. The fact that...

Named the approximate number of remaining members of ISIS

The assessment was made by the United Nations.Monday, August 13, the UN published a report which cited a number of militants "Islamic state" in Asian countries.In Syria and Iraq is from 20 to 30 thousand militants of the terrorist organization "Islamic state". This...

In the US photographed the new BMW X6

The car was hidden behind a dense camouflage.BMW brought to road test the new generation of its coupe-shaped crossover BMW X6.The third generation car in heavy camouflage were able to shoot on the roads of the United States, specifically in South Carolina. The...