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The doctors explained how wearing hats can harm the body

Hat is the ideal environment for bacteria.Doctors say that this need headwear like winter hat, can be a source of health problems.The thing is that in their daily wear, hats dirty quickly and is excellent breeding ground for breeding of various bacteria.Therefore, experts...

Ford announced a large-scale revocable campaign

The market will be withdrawn about 1.5 million vehicles.Ford has issued three recall notices covering about 1.5 million vehicles.The largest opinion associated with the safety concerns of 1.48 million F-150 pickups with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which can suddenly and unintentionally switch to...

Original works by the German photographer. Photo

The photos were taken in 1940-ies.If you think that in an era when there was no photoshop, it was impossible to take photos, amazing imagination, you are deeply mistaken. The work of this photographer impress and excite the mind. Enjoy and you this...