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Korean women, plastic made to look like Europeans. Photo

Such operations are common in South Korea.In South Korea the highest level of cosmetic surgeries per capita. And Koreans want to be like white women and go for that great sacrifices.New York-based photographer JI Yeo went to South Korea to pick up women...

In the Paraguayan woods noticed a strange creature

The movement of creatures caught on video.The following video was received a few days ago in the South American Republic of Paraguay. Many regulars of the world wide web has recognized these frames are mysterious and frightening. The movie depicts a boy who...

U.S. patented technology for charging electric vehicles in one minute

Each battery will last for 800 kilometers away.Electric cars will be driving on a single charge up to 800 kilometers, and the charging of batteries will take about minutes. The technology that will allow all of this to realize, patented American car company...