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Than useful young beets: the answer nutritionists

The young beet season is in full swing.Beets are enriched with a range of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, organic compounds, amino acids and other nutrients that provide health benefits.The young beets all of these useful components are concentrated, and therefore, nutritionists recommend not to...

In major U.S. cities conducted a large-scale gay pride parades

Thousands of members of the American LGBT community took part in a gay pride parade, which was held in San Francisco, new York, Minneapolis and Seattle.Among the participants was seen and celebrities, such as actress Cynthia Nixon. The actress, who played a major role...

Swiss tour operator arranged a trip to the Crimea, despite sanctions

In respect of the Swiss tour operator Kira Reisen, the authorities can initiate an administrative investigation.Reason – in the organization of tours on the annexed Crimean Peninsula, has informed the Swiss tourism Union.In addition to the need to terminate such activities, the Ministry of...