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Scientists first observed the appearance of stars a new type

A new star formed from two other neutron stars.Astronomers for the first time managed to observe how there is a pair of neutron stars. Previously double neutron star was only a theory.Since the partner before a supernova explosion "sucked" from the dying star...

The output of Britain from the EU could be delayed

The European Commission commented on the procedure of Brexit.The European Union asked the UK to extend the stay of the country in the single market and the Customs Union of the EU after Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa may announced that London is still...

Beyonce photographed in luxurious dresses

The singer called for a public event.Singer Beyonce flashed at a charity gala dinner City of Hope in favor of the cancer-fighting people in California in two chic outfits.On the gray carpet, Beyonce was joined with his former bandmate in Destiny's Child, the...