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Space hooliganism in the US illegally launched into orbit four satellites

The satellites of the company called SpaceBEE.An American company planning to become a new satellite operator, launched four small satellites by an Indian rocket. The problem lies in the fact that the company had not received permission to launch these satellites, and now they...

In the heart of the mysterious Dyatlov Pass found a strange object

An unusual artifact like a pyramid.Nizhny Tagil conspiracy theorist and researcher of the death of tourists Dyatlov Valentin Degterev shared with readers of his blog a new a curious discovery. According to Internet journalist, he managed to find on satellite images of the...

In gluhozime under beach

It should be understood that not everywhere and not every reservoir coastal zone are promising for successful fishing in the difficult period of winter — for this to emerge a certain set of positive factors. First of all, it is unlikely that aggregations of some...