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MotoGP: Marquez scored the victory in Aragon

Racer "Honda" Marc Marquez won the Grand Prix of Aragon and single-handedly headed by personal offset of the world championship.At the start of the leadership seized the pilots "Dukani" - Lorenzo moved to the first row behind the Spaniard were the returning operation of...

In China, the robot has successfully carried out an unusual operation

The procedure lasted about an hour. In China, the robot first performed operation on implantation to the patient two printed on a 3D printer teeth.The procedure lasted about an hour. Artificial teeth inserted with an error of 0.2−0.3 mm, which is the norm for...

Found the closest relatives of the elephant on Earth

Scientists have made an unexpected discovery.As it turned out, the closest relative of the elephant on the Ground – it is a small and furry animal that lives in Africa. As the researchers note, to be a relative of a beast in the animal...