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Three hundred years bring the wife filed for divorce

A curious incident occurred in Ireland.Some time ago Amanda Sparrow large TIG from Ireland married a Ghost. Now the woman announced the termination of the marriage bond. It is not yet read out all the details, but cautions ladies about the negative characteristics...

The former apartment of Kate Middleton for sale. Photo

For luxury housing are going to gain almost $ 2 million.The parents of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and Pippa Middleton to sell the apartment in which the daughter lived until she married.This three-storey flat in Chelsea, where three bedrooms, two bathrooms and...

Doctors explained is it worth it to pay more for unleavened bread

It turned out that the use of this product is exaggerated.Advocates of a healthy lifestyle assure that the information contained in bread yeast once in the intestines, there start to wander. As a result of disturbed digestion, increased flatulence, and even formed "slag",...