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Thailand may abandon weed prohibition

Weed, cannabis, ganja and jonko are all names for the sacred plant that makes your head light. In Thailand, after years of strict legislation around soft drugs, they found it time for a progressive wind. The Asian country is currently, like other countries, ahead...

3 Things to Think About When Looking For a Health Insurance Policy

Given the ongoing situation around the world more people than ever are deciding to take out health insurance policies. Indeed, if you are suffering with a health issue then taking out a particular type of health insurance may be an option. However, if you...

A flourishing industry: 43 billion dollars stolen in five last years

Criminals have managed to steal billions of dollars through rogue emails in recent years, the FBI claims. The damage caused by" Business Email Compromise " amounted to more than 43 billion dollars between June 2016 and December 2021, according to the US investigation service. In...