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Doctors called the seven early signs of cancer

Weight loss for no apparent reason signals of serious reorganization in the body. Detection of tumors at an early stage makes treatment of cancer more effective, I would say any oncologist. Experts noted that many tumors at an early stage of the disease can...

Erdogan and trump discussed the withdrawal of us troops from Syria

The leaders agreed on the implementation of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the territory of Syria, while respecting mutual interests. During the talks, erdo─čan and the tramp "discussed the latest developments in Syria, noting the importance of supporting the political process in...

Ships Boeing and SpaceX have discovered a threat to the space program

These shortcomings may affect the safetyNASA has warned Boeing and SpaceX about the flaws in the manned vehicles they produce.These defects can affect safety, says aerospace control, said Reuters, citing sources in the aerospace industry in the US and report NASA for 2018. All...