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The British store opened a vacancy of a professional thief

Criminal experience would help the administration to prevent further theft.The owners of one of the clothing stores in the United Kingdom opened a strange job, tired of the constant thefts. To do this, they decided to hire experienced thieves that will be secretly...

The unusual construction of floating bridges in India. Photo

These bridges will be millions of people.From January 15, 2019 until March 4 in India will be the world's largest religious event is the Feast of the pitcher (Kumbh Mela) - the rites of pilgrimage of Hindus to the shrines of Hinduism. About...

The doctors told me from any health problems helps beans

This kind of bean is quite useful.About how the product should be regularly used for people with high blood pressure, told members of the American dietetic Association.Doctors recommended way to maintain good health if you have problems with pressure, which they rated as...