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The expert explained how dangerous raw carrots

In the early carrots contain nitrates.In some of the early vegetables the nitrate content exceeds the norm, so you should limit the consumption of these products raw. This was announced by the expert Nina Kilda.Tests for nitrates found that there were big problems...

The difference between the appearance of the swimsuits on the models and regular girls. Photo

Swimwear Victoria's Secret look on the girls are not model figures quite differently.This fantastic photo shoot on the beach in Malibu is a re-advertisement of swimwear Victoria's Secret with the participation of ordinary women, not models. Every girl tried to mimic the pose...

On the original images, NASA found traces of photoshop

The space Agency suspected of concealing information method of retouching.Ufologists were surprised to find that the staff of the American space Agency NASA on pictures of Triton, made during a space mission New Frontiers, carefully slipped–retouched some areas – clearly hiding the most...