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The United States denied its role in the preparation of the Iranian attack

Previously, the United States has accused Iran of intending to create chaos and unrest in the country.The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley has rejected charges by Iran against the United States on the terrorist attack during a military parade in...

Dermatologists have described the habits that cause aging skin

From these activities I should avoid to keep your skin young.Many women make unforgivable mistakes in the care of the skin. Often they even quietly rooted to everyday habits, and subsequently spoil the skin: make it ugly and contribute to its aging.The most...

Scientists gathered to revive mammoths

Cloning extinct species may be possible in the near future.Scientists for several years engaged in activities outside the framework of consciousness: they are preparing to clone a wooly mammoth with a view to its revival. According to experts, in ten years, the animal...