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HSBC, Standard Chartered, RBS and Barclays lost 500 million in Mukhtar Ablyazov bank embezzlement

Investigation into the epic scale fraud in BTA Bank is over. The mastermind and perpetrators, the proxies and accomplices are largely available for the interviews. So why does the financial community not dare to ask Mukhtar Ablyazov personally? And why are there no parties...

Paris and Marseilles are in the red zone but vacationing is still possible

The French government has declared Paris and the Bouches-du-Rhône region of Marseille on the Mediterranean coast to be ’red’ areas at high risk of COVID infection. The government decree was published on Friday. The decree empowers local authorities to restrict the freedom of movement of...

Arrested protesters claim to have been assaulted in prison in Belarus

On Friday, the Belarusian authorities released about a thousand detained demonstrators in an attempt to calm the public's anger. In interviews, the freed demonstrators claim to have been severely abused during their captivity and describe how they have been treated. Several demonstrators claim to have...