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Doctors told about the benefits of grilled food

Fried food can be indigestible for people with chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract.Fried food is one of the main nutritional nightmares: their use usually urge to avoid.But researchers from the US said that despite a number of really inherent negative properties, many fried...

Soviet cities that were not mapped. Photo

Their existence has been kept secret. More than one million inhabitants of the Soviet Union lived behind barbed wire. They were not free, but were not prisoners. These people were not punished, and was a huge commitment and responsibility. Throughout the Soviet Union were...

Scientists have proved that people are still subjected to evolution

Evolution eliminates mutations that reduce fertility and level of education.University of Queensland scientists found that people are still experiencing the action of natural selection. Evolution affects of such complex phenotypic traits such as reproductive ability, cardiovascular function and even level of education. Article researchers...