Austria was forbidden to wear the veil


В Австрии запретили носить паранджуUnder the ban also got a medical mask.

In Austria from October 1 came into force a ban on wearing face-covering Muslim veil, the burqa and niqab.

The authorities also banned the masquerade masks are not public holidays, as well as medical mask, if it is not prescribed by a doctor. In the attitude of doctors that cover the face from potential infection, restrictions are not applied.

The Agency notes that because innovation can suffer clowns, athletes and fencers, as well as any person who in the frost will cover the face with a scarf. Violators will be fined 150 euros.

The ban was one of the points of the new law on the integration of migrants in the country.

In several European countries there is a ban on the wearing in public places, Muslim women’s garments covering the whole body and face. In France, a law came into force in 2011. After that some Muslim women went to court, claiming that the restrictions violate the right to freedom of religion. In July 2014, the European court of human rights (ECHR) upheld the demands of the authorities. The wearing of the burqa in France is punishable by a fine of EUR 150.

HELP. Niqab — Muslim women’s headdress covering the face with a narrow slit for the eyes. Usually made of fabric of black color.

The veil – a long veil that completely covers the body and face. The slit for the eyes in purdah closed dense grid chachvan. This kind of clothing is distributed in Central Asia and Afghanistan.


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