Australia has seen the parasites resistant to medication


В Австралии появились паразиты, устойчивые к лекарствам Dangerous worms surprise of physicians the ability to survive.

Australian doctors are sounding the alarm: every day the number of victims increases, the cause of death roundworms belonging to the genus Strongyloides.

Parasites cause strongyloidiasis — a deadly disease that is characterized by the following symptoms:

– sudden diarrhoea;
– rashes all over the body;
– cough.

The worms enter through the skin, often the cause of infection be the insect bites. The first days, up to weeks, a person may not feel any changes in the body. During this period, the worms actively multiply in the body of a new host. If time does not identify the disease, death is guaranteed.

At the moment the parasite is suffering half the population of Australia. Especially at risk, vacationers and refugees. Many citizens are not even aware that they are infected.

Another problem is the resistance of parasites to drugs. Each time output of the worms becomes more difficult, say doctors. Because of this, some ufologists believe that the Strongyloides have extraterrestrial origins.


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