Audi revealed updated concept TT Sportback


Audi показала обновленную концепцию TT SportbackAudi presented the TT Sportback concept

At the 2014 Paris auto show, Audi presented the TT Sportback concept. At the same time began to appear the first rumors about a serial four-door TT model. It seems that now the rumors start to be confirmed.

Although the information is not official in the European press actively talking about plans for Volkswagen to come back to this idea, which had to be postponed due to the diesel scandal that happened a few years ago.

What is even more shocking for fans of the TT, if earlier there were talks about the four-door coupe as one of the versions of the TT, Audi now plans to review the future of sports models exclusively for the benefit chetyrehdverki, abandoning the two-door version.

Such severe changes can be dictated by a sharp drop in the demand for TT sales have halved in ten years. In the past year were sold in Europe just over 16 thousand Audi TT, whereas ten years earlier the figure was more than 38 thousand.

It is expected that the four-door version should be based on a new platform MQB and will be approximately the same size as the concept TT Sportback, but will get a new style, repeating the whole modern line of Audi models.

Motor gamma model remains unknown, that certainly TT Sportback will get a wide range of petrol powerplants, including a mild hybrid with 48-volt unit and later can receive the rechargeable hybrid and fully electric versions.


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