Audi appeared displays instead of mirrors


На Audi появились дисплеи вместо зеркалA new variant of the mirrors will not be available in all countries.

Innovation marked cars Audi E-tron.

The designers note that the resulting images can later be viewed in several modes: on the highway from the point of view of the right angle Parking. In addition, would be counted and the area of movement.

The system will be. Front instead of mirrors will be installed video cameras, projecting the scenes on the monitors in the seven-inch integrated in the front door.

By the way, it is possible to note an OLED display, which will be equipped with the instrument panel. He will move on most of the features on the management machine that will be a plus over the competition.

The Audi said that the new version of mirrors will be available in all countries where you will sell the car. This is due to the individual nuances of intellectual property.

It remains to add that the electric crossover Audi E-tron will appear before the public soon. The premiere is scheduled for early 2019.


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