Auchan has released van Auchan Cosmos


Auchan выпустил минивэн Auchan CosmosThe stated capacity of 156 horsepower.

Auchan is a popular TNCs is itself a chain of supermarkets, but has several subsidiaries and divisions that are engaged in the production of cars.

Among them is the Auto Auchan, which recently became a separate unit and more Autonomous than before. The first car, that was released by the company, was the crossover Changan Cos1. Serial production was introduced recently, in April 2018.

Released the second car is a van called “Auchan Cosmos”. In appearance is different from their “brothers” from other automobile manufacturers, starting from the exterior to the specifications provided.

Has a special design style made in warm colors, has a calm appearance, a lot of smooth sketches, drawings, without any oblique lines. The creators did this in order to give more aesthetic appearance to your project. Inside the cabin the car seat has a standard scheme: 2-2-3.

A pass allows you to pass to the rear seats. Its parameters this van has a 1.5 liter gasoline engine.


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