Atypical eating behavior can be a symptom of autism


Experts told, what constitutes atypical eating behavior.

American researchers reported that atypical eating behavior in children is a serious enough reason for the examination in autism.

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That atypical eating behavior can be a symptom of autism, reported researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. Their arguments are published Medicalxpress. Lead researcher Susan Mace stated: atypical eating behavior typical of 70% of children with autism.

Experts told, what constitutes atypical eating behavior. According to them, it manifests itself in the form of a set of symptoms. For example, such:

  • very limited food preferences, the child agrees to eat only one or two meals;
  • hypersensitivity to the texture or temperature of foods;
  • the rejection of swallowing food child can start to hide the food.

Scientists emphasize that many young children have food whims, but between the vagaries and inadequate nutritional behavior there is a difference, which a careful parent are able to see. Even the naughty children in nutrition development occurs in their diet over time to incorporate any products. The difference with autism is that a child with this violation will remain faithful to its preferences consistently, if you do not start specifically to correct them.

Experts remind that correction of behavior of children with autism is the most effective if conducted in preschool age. Food features that can indicate autism, allow you to start a correction as early as possible.


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