Attack in Syria — a goal of prestige or the Third world?



Attack in Syria — a goal of prestige or the Third world?

Атака в Сирии — гол престижа или Третья мировая?



Attack in Syria — a goal of prestige or the Third world?

During the day, the tone of the reporting from Syria has changed. Nobody says that it is not clear strike or not. It will be the timing (a few days) and goals – government areas of Damascus, several military airfields in the surrounding area and some plants, which the US identificeret as the possible production of chemical weapons. That is, the attack to be, this was said by trump.

Appeared evaluation and what it may mean and what will end. Range the widest.

Version # 1.

Is the place a secret agreement between the US and Russia that the U.S., saving face, causing the promised hawks and summon a missile strike, but negotiates with Russia sights of these attacks, and Russia brings out the Syrian leadership, Syrian commanders and troops, and also important technique. At the same time agreed upon place of stay of the Russian advisers to accidentally shoot you.

That is, we have a typical play where the trump soothes the hawks for the opportunity to start his reforms, and Russia does not interfere, as it, like as not beat. The maximum response — set interference, knocking down some missiles and outraged rhetoric in the UN, but no attacks on aircraft and ships of the United States. In response, the US did not attack the Russian airbase and bypass Russia party. In General, America will shoot in the bushes and empty duffle warehouses and take-off lanes, and then Syria during the week and close up the pit again and will continue to fly. The wolves are fed and the sheep like a whole.

Version # 2.

Syria — just exit the ring to fight between USA and Russia on the final title of the world champion on fights without rules. The real purpose of the US in Syria — not even the defeat of Iran and Russia. After that Russian exhibited the ultimatum for the abandonment of nuclear weapons and the division of the territory. Here’s the plan: beat the United States, not only in Damascus and airfields, but also cling to the locations of the Russians, killing a few military advisers. In response Russia shoots down some American planes.

In response, the States hit our database or multiple databases. We drown one or two of the destroyer. They are in response to our attack on Sevastopol, where there is support to our forces in Syria. Then begins a coordinated attack of NATO on Russia. Beat in Syria, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Central Asia. Russia surrenders and loses allies. Comes insulation. USA occupy Syria, whose government “controls” only the territory of the Russian military bases where they hide. Russian themselves surrounded and isolated, they shamefully away, or destroyed.

The third (and last) world began and victoriously took place. America is sure that Russia is bluffing, it forces the US is much more and they are quickly defeated Russia, giving it its true place in the world, as she did not dare to nuclear attack in the USA still kept the Russian foreign exchange reserves and the money of the Russian elite. USA face the winner of the blitzkrieg and the goal is achieved.

Version # 3.

The US strikes on Syria a few weeks. The scenario like in Iraq. No planes over Syria, no invading armies — just massive and endless rocket attacks. Then from Syria remain in ruins, and for Russia to sit on the ruins makes no sense, and she leaves. Then to Syria, introduced an occupational body, is Pro-American power and Syria ceases to exist as a separate state.

Kurds create their own Kurdistan, pinch off region from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, which, having lost the support of Russia, experiencing a second Tsushima, will become docile and tame. The US plan for the Middle East restored and put into production. Europe, seeing such a thing, refuses the “Nord stream-2” and goes into American gas. Turkey also refuses all projects with Russia, which is completely isolated in the world. China is silent, fearing to spoil relations with the United States. The game is done, the Apocalypse has not come.

Option # 4.

The situation quickly turns into an exchange of blows, turning into nuclear. The end of history is reached, the last entry trump tweeted: “People, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Then the Land of decay and breaks into several pieces, beginning its journey in space towards the nearest Black hole. The gravitational connection planets broken. The solar system begins to collapse.

Option # 5.

U.S. strikes at the core of the Syrian army, but the attack actually killed by Russian military, and Russia strikes back at media missiles. Russia’s possibilities in reality for US is still unknown, only speculation, and very biased. Hitler has got into such a trap. It ended badly for him. The threshold of sensitivity to casualties, the US is much higher than that of Russia, and already the first news of the deaths of American military personnel from the Russian hands will create in America a bombshell and scandalous situation of a split in the elite.

The US has never fought with a nuclear power. The Syrian aborigines is not the price for which the US is willing to put his fate on the line. Half of the elite will demand urgent talks with Russia and stop the conflict. Need to find someone to blame, and he has already been found. Is Trump. Damage to reputation for the US army — a thing totally unacceptable, but even the death of several of the aircraft will become a global sensation. If you die a few dozen soldiers and officers, but also will be shot down several missiles, the picture is a Pyrrhic victory trump in the US will become a reason for impeachment that will be forgotten by all previous investigations.

If it turns out that Syria has come a consolidation of all other forces against the United States and began a protracted guerrilla war where mass began to die, Americans, and Turks and all of their bombing, the Vietnam syndrome will instantly rise in American society and the trump of the winner will instantly become the scapegoat. Bummer in Syria and Iran could cost the US global geopolitical collapse.

A coalition of Russia-Turkey-Syria-Iran-Lebanon-China can fully crush the coalition of the US-Britain-Germany-France-Saudi Arabia-UAE. All reform plans in the United States for trump will be covered with a copper basin. Political disaster could trigger it at all on the prison bunks. Napoleon’s fate must always be before the eyes of the politician.


What happens in reality, we will see in the next few days. The last people’s war finished in may ‘ 45. Now the population in wars not involved, and because of his willingness to fight can not care. The morale of the population, it is important now not for war, but for the election. Now fighting missiles, and not the crowds. Now everything is decided by small groups of experts war — rocketeer pair of divisions, several aircraft pilots, the sailors of several ships.

Their efforts are enough to end life on Earth. A mass army in the past. Governments don’t need holds out propaganda among the population to prepare for battle. It is enough to control a few dozen or hundred people. They will do everything. People do not even know. Neither the United States nor in Russia. One reassuring thing is that if it’s all over very quickly. Long tormented mankind will not. And the United States have not forgotten about it for a minute.

So what is in fact a US attack on Syria? The goal of prestige for internal use? The desire to commit suicide? Stupidity played in the war of psychopaths? Out-of-control politicians crazy after Afghan and Iraq military undertreated war syndrome? The businessman, who to the President about the army was only in his childhood, riding on a stick horse? All will become clear on Friday the 13th.

Will it be the last in human history, today nobody knows. But a vague feeling tells me that the end of the story this week will not come. All the boomerangs always return to the person who launches.


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