ATMs some banks don’t accept five-thousandth bills for fraud


Банкоматы некоторых банков не принимают пятитысячные купюры из-за мошенников

ATMs of Sberbank and the Moscow credit Bank ceased to take notes in five thousand rubles. The reason is the stuffing of counterfeit banknotes. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”.

Familiar employee publications recently are unable to make five-thousandth of banknotes in the ATM savings Bank in Moscow. Are unable to do it and other customers, then an employee of the Department admitted that bills of such denominations “not accepted”. The correspondent of “Vedomosti” if the account in ATMs of the credit organization got a warning message that notes of five thousand rubles are not accepted.

In the banks of interruptions in reception of cash is explained by the update software. “We went 40 ATM from 3500 to test the upgrade” — said the publication in the press service of the Moscow credit Bank. Employee chat support of Sberbank reported that in some machines is a “planned software upgrade”.

The source of “Vedomosti” said that earlier in the ATMs were thrown fake five thousandth of banknotes. This information was confirmed by the representative of the Central Bank. According to him, banks in the calculation of cash from ATMs revealed “imitation banknotes of five thousand rubles.”


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