Atlantis 2.0: the floating “city of free men” will be built by 2020


Атлантида 2.0: плавучий "город свободных людей" построят к 2020 году

The Creator of the electronic payment system PayPal, Peter Thiel sponsored the creation of a floating “city-state free men”. The city is planned to start swimming in the open ocean by 2020. It is reported by British tabloid the Daily Mail.

It is assumed that the floating city will be a free and independent country managed by a team of scientists, financiers and artists, is currently working on the implementation of the project. The development of the city engaged in non-profit Seasteading Institute, said the publication. The authors of the project have an agreement with the government of French Polynesia, which will create a Pacific free economic zone with an area of 400 thousand sq. m and there will be a floating city.


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