At Wizz Air has risen significantly, priority boarding


У Wizz Air существенно подорожала приоритетная посадкаThe cost has increased almost twice.

Wizz Air is almost two times increased the maximum fee for priority boarding service from 17 to 30 euros. This is evidenced by updated information about fees is published on the site loukostera.

Thus, the size range of this collection is now 5-30 euros, while previously it was in the range 5-17 euros.

Payment priority boarding allows passengers to take on Board two pieces of hand baggage: one large with dimensions up to 55х40х23 cm and weighing up to 10 kg and additional sizes up to 40х30х20 see Travelers, whose fare does not include priority boarding, can carry only a small piece of hand Luggage with dimensions up to see 40х30х20


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