At the end of January Ukrainians expect “bloody supermoon”


В конце января украинцев ожидает «кровавое суперлуние»Better to be prepared.

Experts calculated the time “bloody SUPERLINE” — the moment when the new moon converges with the maximum convergence of natural satellite and the Earth. Due to the fact that the Moon is mostly in shadow and, accordingly, covers only part of the surface, it is painted in rich red color.

The phenomenon happens in the final numbers this month. Last time these saw a hundred and fifty years ago.

It is worth noting that the “blood” Moon is not rare, but it truly is breathtaking only during a total Eclipse, and it happens very rarely.

Next time wait “bloody SUPERLINE” 31.12.2028 year and 31.01.2037. In 2018, the phenomenon will first see the inhabitants of the Western hemisphere of the planet and only at night.

People can follow an unusual phenomenon without any special apparatus and devices.


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