At the bottom of the Black sea found an ancient galley


На дне Черного моря обнаружили старинную галеруIn Crimea, the Italian archaeologists found the galley, which sank in the XIII century near Sudak

Archaeologists of the Crimea in August of this year plan to begin the examination of the seabed where a trading galley from Pisa.

It was destroyed in the XIII century, taking part in the naval battle in Green Bay on Southeast Peninsula, where currently is located the settlement of the New world. This writes with reference to Scientists suggest that the battle in which the ship was burned, occurred August 14, 1277. This is the exact date, it is confirmed by surviving documentary evidence. Underwater archaeologists in the examination of place of death found charred boards and the remains of the rigging.

Galera was from Pisa to the pike, which in those days was located the Genoese colony. It was accompanied by a Genoese ship. The conflict that occurred between the crews of the vessels, was the cause of naval warfare. As a result, the Pisan galley was burned. The study of place of death are provided by the experienced underwater archaeologists.

Doing survey of the site of the death of the galleys, they say that still lot of items not brought to the surface. The galley lies at a depth of 14 meters. This place was an ancient anchorage for merchant ships. They transported wine in amphora, olive oil and cookware. After the examination, DNA experts told about the thousands of such artifacts. They contain information on the geography of trade relations of Crimea with other cities and States. On the ship found personal belongings of wealthy passengers, most likely, merchants.

Among the found items are rare silver coins. Such samples have never met the local archaeologists. According to scientists, at coast of Crimea can be about 2.5 thousand wrecks, considering the times from antiquity to the present. Raised from the day items after certification will add an underwater Museum of finds. It is already scheduled to open in the West of the Peninsula near Cape Tarkhankut.


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