At the borders of Russia to host NATO exercises


У границ России пройдут учения НАТОThe period of stay of foreign troops on the territory of the Republic set from 27 may to 7 July.

International exercise “Flaming sword” special forces with the participation of more than 400 foreign troops from NATO countries and partners of the Alliance will be held 12-30 June in Lithuania. The government of the Republic, as reported by the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the arrival on the teachings of such a great number of foreign soldiers.

“The government has accepted the arrival on the teachings of the special forces “Flaming sword”, is scheduled for June 12-30, 420 war and persons equated to them from ten NATO countries, Georgia, Sweden and Ukraine as partners of the Alliance,” the resolution reads.

From the Alliance in the maneuvers will be attended by members of the great Britain, Denmark, Latvia, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, USA, Czech Republic and Estonia. Allowed shipping required for exercises of military equipment. The period of stay of foreign troops on the territory of the Republic set from 27 may to 7 July.

Information about upcoming trainings yet. Perhaps the exercise military forces will take place not only on grounds. The last few years, Lithuania regularly takes a number of episodes of both national and international military exercises on civil (in coordination with local authorities) of the area. The army was specially built in 2016 on the ground in Pabrade simulation complex “Battle city” for combat training in conditions of settlements. There played small town with a residential area, police station, bus station, school, Park, street and underground utilities.

The powers of the government of Lithuania are limited to issuing permits for reception of foreign soldiers in the amount of up to 1.6 thousand people. On the arrival of a larger contingent of Cabinet Ministers must seek the consent of Parliament.


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