Russian-German performance of “Decameron” premiered in Berlin


В Берлине прошла премьера русско-немецкого спектакля Серебренникова "Декамерон"

MOSCOW, March 10. /TASS/. Premiere performance by Kirill Serebrennikov “the Decameron”, which became a joint project led by the Director of “Gogol-center”, and Deutsches Theater Berlin, were held on 8 and 9 March in Berlin. Tuesday will be the third and final show of international performances in the Premier unit, told TASS in the press service of the “Gogol-center”.

“Two premiere of the “Decameron”, which was held on the stage of the Deutsches Theater Berlin, were a great success – the audience greeted the artists at the bows with a long applause”, – said the Agency interlocutor, adding that March 10 will be held the third and final show of international performances in the Premier unit. “The Russian premiere of “Decameron” in the “Gogol-center” is scheduled for 24, 25, 26 and 27 June,” she informed.

“Decameron” – a joint project of the Deutsches Theater Berlin and “Gogol-center”. It involved five Russian and five German actors who play the play in both languages, and subtitles become an important visual part of the production. “For the history of modern theatre, this format is really unique: the performance will be included in the repertoire at both sites and in turn will go to Berlin and Moscow, despite the fact that the cast will remain unchanged,” – said the representative of the press service.

In her words, to simplify the logistics of the project, for “the Decameron” was made identical to the two stage design of the pavilion, each of which remains in the country, and the technical conduct of the performance will engage the services of the host theatre at the overall score, compiled during the staging period.

“In connection with the courts in the case of Studio seven and the inability Kirill Serebrennikov to travel outside of the country Deutsches Theater Berlin decided to organize the whole rehearsal process in Moscow, which was done,” – said the press service of the “Gogol-center”.

“Decameron” is important project for me, my first drama performance in Germany,” – said Serebrennikov. “I don’t know if this idea will work, but I am very grateful to the Deutsches Theater Berlin and personally to his intendant Ulrich Huon, who, despite difficult circumstances, decided to release this project, grateful for the help of the whole team, friends, my artists, who work in “Gogol-center”, and stars of the Deutsches Theater. They in a short time found a common language, understood the material and did a very touching play about love and the fragility of sensitive relations” – quoted the Director of the press service of “Gogol-center”.

Ibid cited participating in the project, German actress Regina Zimmermann. “Participation in this project is a huge gift to me, she confessed. I can’t believe the actors so well understand each other on stage, despite the difference of languages. I really like all broadcasts Cyril, I hope that you understand and embody its purpose.” “And, of course, this symbiosis dramatic, plastic and musical theatre are perfect. Russia is a very strong school of acting. The actors are talented and gifted they can sing and dance, and play. I’m enjoying this”, said Zimmermann.

Another opinion was expressed by her colleague on the show, the actress Georgette Dee. “The Decameron” has acquired an unexpected topicality in connection with the coronavirus, she said. – Of course, this story can be told again and again. People will always survive, to love, all at the same time. It is an eternal game, in which the knowledge of reality and life, your dreams. All this goes together in an explosive cocktail. And I think the most important thing for any show is the stories told from the stage. The audience is most fond of love stories. In the “Decameron” they are.”

The Decameron by Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio is one of the main books of the early Renaissance, which consists of one hundred stories told by ten young heroes who escaped from plague-infested Florence. By and large, this is the end-to-end the plot of the book and all its content is in the stories.

Serebrennikov chose ten short stories about love and moved the action from the XIV century to our days: the good, human relationships and passion has not changed much since then. A more important change is that in the play the characters do not tell the stories and live inside them, creating a fragile and at the same time cruel world, which mixed all ages, times, cultures and countries.

The performers are ten artists: Philip Avdeev and Aleksandra Revenko, George Kudrenko, Yang GE, Oleg Guschin, Jeremy Mockridge, Marcel Kohler, a Almut Zilcher, Regina Zimmermann, Georgette Dee. Worked on the performance of Russian-German production team: playwright and Director – Kirill Serebrennikov, Director-choreographer Evgeny Kulagin, composer – Daniel Freitag, the costume designer – Tatyana Dolmatovsky, video artist – Ilya Shagalov.

Deutsches Theater Berlin – the so-called “German theater,” is the state theater (one of five in Berlin), founded in 1849. Worked there, Max Reinhardt, Bertolt Brecht, Heiner müller. Theatrical history of German and world theatre of the twentieth century is inextricably linked with the Deutsches Theater Berlin.

The following shows the Russian-German “Decameron” on the stage of Deutsches Theater Berlin announced on 28, 29 and March 18, 19 April.


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