Astrophysicist recorded approach to Earth by an unknown celestial body


Астрофизик зафиксировал приближение к Земле неизвестного небесного тела At the end of may this year astrophysicist from Chile saw in the sky something with a trailing train.

Celestial body like a planet approaching Earth.

Roberto Antezana led for observing the night sky. Thanks to the powerful telescope in the Chilean astrophysicist and saw unexpected space object that resembled a planet, pulling in an unusual plume. Space body of unknown formations resembled the letter “V”.

This is the plume, as noted later astrophysicist, who was like a chain of lights stretching a moving planet. The object could also brake, then there was these traces of fire.

The scientist took a photo of the object, and later shared the picture with colleagues-scientists from NASA. But they are unable to give a precise explanation. Agreed that the cosmic body is like a moving planet. Official comment has yet been received.


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