Astronomers have the unique galaxy


Астрономы получили снимок уникальной галактикиThe galaxy is at the best angle relative to the Ground.

Astronomers using the Very large telescope got the picture of the spiral galaxy NGC 3981, which is located at a distance of 65 million light years from Earth in the constellation of the Bowl. As reported on the website of the European southern Observatory, the galaxy were obtained in the framework of the “Space treasure”.

In the spiral arms of the galaxy, you notice the numerous dust fiber and a region of star formation, as well as a bright disk, consisting of young hot stars.

The galaxy is in a favorable angle in relation to Earth, allowing astronomers to directly observe the Central part and emitting high energy radiation striking the area of the center, which is a supermassive black hole.

In NGC 3981 is also a well-developed peripheral spiral structure, partially extending beyond the galaxy, which probably is the result of gravitational interactions with the incident last collision of galaxies.


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