Astronomers have named the exact date of Armageddon on Earth


Астрономы назвали точную дату Армагеддона на ЗемлеAccording to experts, in the Solar system, will appear a second sun will destroy our planet.

American scientists-astrophysicists, analysis of data obtained from the satellite Gaia, came to the conclusion that the Earth will meet their fate: at least 1.3 million years, our planet may become a victim of “massive bombardment” by comets, due to entry at the boundaries of the Solar system “second sun” — a planet called Gliese 710.

Scientists have found that this light is slowly but surely moving to the edge of the Solar system. Now it is 4 million astronomical units from Earth and therefore not dangerous. However, his approach to the edge of the Solar system will certainly cause a “gravity storm”, in which the orbits of the comets and large asteroids will intersect with the earth, informs

According to the forecast of astrophysicists, the probability that the Earth will avoid collision with at least 10 major comets, which will regularly cross its orbit is extremely small. In this case, as reminiscent of scientists, only one “gentle tap” with a celestial body in the past has led to such global climatic changes on our planet, on Earth, the dinosaurs became extinct.

According to scientists, Gliese 710 is not the only planet that threatens the Earth in a relatively close in astronomical terms term. In addition to her 15 such planets, but only the “orange dwarf”, which is 3.3 times less than the Sun, 1.7 times lighter than him and 33 times dimmer, is a real threat not only to our Blue planet, but throughout the Solar system.


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