Astronomers have found an impossible planet outside of the galaxy


Previously, the existence of such planets was considered impossible.

Astronomers have discovered exoplanet, the existence of which was considered impossible, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Discovered exoplanet is located above the galactic plane of the milky Way. It is located approximately five thousand light years from her.

However, most of the famous stars of the galaxy and interstellar gas located in the disk with a thickness of only a few hundred light years. The milky Way also has a thick disk. The density of matter in it is much less, stars older than 10 billion years old and have low metallicity. This means that a small amount of elements heavier than helium.

Discovered planet in LHS 1815b 1,088 times the size of Earth. This allows astronomers to assume that it is rocky. While its mass is 8.7 times larger than the earth, making it unusually dense.

The find was discovered using the space telescope TESS, and was previously thought impossible.

The planet revolves around its star LHS 1815-a red dwarf star with a period of 3.18 day. This eliminates the possibility of carbon life due to high levels of radiation.


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