Astronomers have discovered anomalous neutron star


Астрономы обнаружили аномальную нейтронную звездуRate unusually bright pulsar PSR J0002+6216 enough to eventually fly beyond our galaxy.

Astronomers have discovered a pulsar flying through the space around it at a speed of about 4 million km/h. With such speed the distance between the Earth and the Moon can be overcome in only six minutes, compared to the Aerospace Agency of the USA.

It is also five times faster than the speed of “normal” pulsar, and faster than 99% similar to previously discovered objects.

The discovery was made by space gamma-ray telescope Fermi and American radio astronomy Observatory. Karl Yang.

A pulsar is a superdense rotating neutron stars with the strongest magnetic field remaining after the collapse and explosion of massive stars. A source of radio, optical, x-ray and/or gamma radiation that reaches the Earth in the form of periodic bursts.

This particular pulsar, which is located at a distance of about 6500 light years away in the constellation Cassiopeia, was named PSR J0002+6216. It rotates at a speed of 8.7 times per second.

Astronomers found that the pulsar is 53 light years from the center of the “shell” supernova remnants CBT 1.

Its rapid motion through the interstellar gas leads to shock waves, which are the result of narrow radio-emitting “tail” of the magnetic energy and the accelerated particles long 13 light years. He clearly indicates that “swells” the remains of relatively recent (about 10,000 years ago) supernova explosion at the center of CTB 1.

As they say in NASA, approximately 5000 years after the explosion, the pulsar flew over the shell of a supernova, like a Cannonball.

Scientists we don’t know how it happened that the explosion gave the neutron star in such a high speed.

PSR J0002+6216 opened in 2017 through the use of distributed on many computers, Amateur astronomy program of the project [email protected], designed to test the hypothesis of Einstein about the existence of gravitational waves.

Installed on the computer the program uses a split power system for the analysis of data from different telescopes: a lot helps scientists in the verification of vast amounts of information. [email protected] is in the tens of thousands of PCs. Thanks to the project open for 23 gamma-ray pulsar.

The signals from pulsars can be used as standards of time and reference points for the satellites.


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