Astronomers have discovered an unusual “galactic fountain”


Астрономы открыли необычный «галактический фонтан»Fountain of molecular gas powered by the energy of the black hole.

Astronomers using observations at the ALMA telescope and data obtained by the Muse spectrograph Very large telescope, have discovered a huge fountain of molecular gas, which is fueled by the energy of a supermassive black hole located in the center of the brightest galaxy in the cluster Abell 2597, reported on the website of the European southern Observatory.

The structure is located at a distance of one billion light years from Earth. Observations show that the supermassive black hole at the center of a distant galaxy emits into space a powerful stream of cold molecular gas, which then falls back onto the black hole in the form of intergalactic “shower”.

As stress researchers, the simultaneous inflow and outflow of matter in the form of large-scale “fountain” is observed for the first time. “This might be the first star system, in which we found clear evidence of how the inflow of cold molecular gas towards the black hole and its outflow, or ejection in the form of jets emanating from the vicinity of the black hole,” said one of the authors of the study Grant Tremblay.

Scientists have found that cold molecules with a temperature of minus 250-260°C, falling towards the black hole. In addition, the researchers tracked the movement of warmer gas, which is emitted from the area of the black hole in form of jets of jets.


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