Astronomers have discovered an anomalous space object


Star was formed in the collision of two normal white dwarfs.

Astronomers have detected abnormal class star white dwarf about 150 light years from Earth, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

Found the stars were a typical chemical composition. Usually in the photosphere of white dwarfs is the outer layer of hydrogen with a small admixture of helium.

In the star WDJ0551+4135 turned out to be an excessive amount of carbon.

The space object was found using a space telescope Gaia. Its unusual structure has led scientists to the conclusion that the star was formed by the collision of two normal white dwarfs. In this case, stars had to die in a supernova.

In addition, WDJ0551+4135 revolves around the center of the milky faster than 99 percent of other known white dwarfs. This indicates that he is much older.

It is assumed that the collision of stars that formed anomalous white dwarf occurred 1.3 billion years ago. However, before the time of the merger, they could exist already many billions of years.


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