Astronomers first recorded birth of a black hole


Астрономы впервые зафиксировали момент рождения черной дырыIt is assumed that astronomers witnessed the “moment” of becoming a star into a black hole.

A group of scientists probably first recorded as the star turns into a black hole. The results of the study were presented at the held in the Seattle conference of the American astronomical society. About this noted on the NASA website.

According to scientists, the phenomenon occurred 200 million years ago. However, only now “signal light” reached our planet. He was spotted by astronomers in June last year.

Phenomenon like a supernova explosion when dramatically increases the brightness of the stars and ejected an enormous amount of energy.

This phenomenon is called AT2018cow, and the last three letters “cow” is translated from English as “cow”. Eventually the scientific community began to call him “Cow”.

Scientists also noted that the explosion was ten times brighter than the explosion of a “typical supernova”. The release of energy in this case was minimal, which is not typical. This gave rise to assumptions that astronomers had witnessed the birth of a black hole.


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